My Butterfly

My Butterfly.

my butterfly


My Butterfly

My new abstract….let the wind give you messages, let you find your signs and lets you know how to read all the symbols .

70cm X 50Cm….oil on canvas…for sale


Dream Flower

Clicked with low shutter speed and low lighting ….. though it’s a usual picture to be clicked but what I love about this pic is the dreamy effect it lays which makes it a piece of art. I simply love it …Planning to paint a piece on it.

Pls leave ur comments with like it helps in improvement.






I will not call this photograph a perfect picture but I think the imperfection in the following photograph makes it special. clicked from Nikon 5100, 18-55mm lense i think its a gr8 click.

ps: I dont like photographs treated on photoshop and after effects (as I am not much into makeup) 😉

A boat without a sail

The more I try to understand you, the further you drift away.
Like the boat without a sail, you are taking me on a journey, I have no control of my way.

First I though I made you.
You corrected me that I was wrong.
Then I though I have to plan you properly then I learnt there are no plans.
There is no destiny, There are no plans, no controls of emotion.

When I smile you control me, when I cry you do.
When I fear it’s because of you , happiness is nowhere to see.
What should I call you, should I love or hate you.
All these dilemmas haunt me.

The more I try to feel you, the further I drift away.
Like a boat without a sail, you are taking me on a journey,I have no control of my way.

If you are not mine.
then why do you bother
if you have moved on then why not let me go
why not let me go on a journey, where I can find where I am lost.

My heart stopped beating.
It is just the dead rhythm that you can hear.
my sorrows don’t impress you anymore
As I am no more your love.

The more I try to love you, the both we drift apart.
Like a boat without a sail, you left me somewhere in  the middle, I am all  lost ….what is this way?