Passenger Thoughts

Passenger Thoughts

I was passenger
When everthing lost
I became mortal
With my passenger thoughts

Looking out of the window
Staring at the virgin view
The purpose was lost
Life again seemed true

Oh! My thoughts were rambling
Yet soothing my soul
Without any reason I was happy
At this moment I have to play no role

No time to calculate
No task to be done
My eyes are witnessing
The falling sun

Some Trees were dancing
Many were racing
Colors of life were reflecting
Helping me to find ‘me’

There I was finding my self
I was breathing
I was alive
Woo I have not realised this
In a coon’s age

Everthing was changing
In a fraction of seconds
Yet everthing was there
Turning the monotony into a fair

It is so dusty
Yet so blissful
The smell of this journey is unforgettable
I am in a new relationship
With these thoughts
They are so real
Attached yet so detached

Melodious tracks
Unknown attractive faces
I am having romance with this journey
This is unusual how my heart raced

Reflections on tracks were glittering
Adding the magic to the moment
Oh! I don’t want this journey to end
As I have fallen in love with my passenger thoughts


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